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Ini Tidak Memerlukan Ulasan lagi.. Bacalah..

80,000 sambut PM di Pulau Pinang 10/2/13. Tigo oghang yo yg pakai baju kuning

 Dari Fb Grandmum Justice
Pakatan has been in control of the Selangor and Penang governments for the last 5 years already now. These are the most advanced states hence the ones with the greatest potential for money changing hands. With access to past state papers (c...ontract documentation etc), why not the Pakatan governments of Selangor and Penang expose – with concrete details – the corruption that they allege the BN (i.e. previous Umno and Gerakan-led administrations of the two states) to be guilty of?

Pakatan supporters scream “Corruption” all the time. Simple. They should do a Rafizi on the target BN politicians. Air their dirty laundry. Public pressure will rain the same bricks that have fallen on Shahrizat’s head. But so far, no. And LGE’s got nothing on KSK that he’s willing to share with the public either. PKFZ is being prosecuted under the BN govt.

(2) The Rocket gangnam parody features Rosmah’s ring. Now it beats me why, if she really had bought such a ring, that she did not simply waltz through the airport with the ring worn on her little finger.

As has been pointed out by regular commenters , the opposition people are maliciously tarring her as Marie Antoinette. They are making her an object of hate. They are masters of the Politics of Hate and behaving like the street mob that stormed the Bastille.

(3) re: “Both sides have their own issues on corruption, governance and integrity.”If we look at the performance of all the 4 PR states for the past 4 years, the numbers of cases involving corruption/misappropriation and the alleged value are NOT small on the PR front. Teoh Beng Hock, sand issue in Selangor, granting of Kelantan land to Ngeh/Nga, Khalid Ibrahim cow and car issue, Talam bailout, Taman Manggis land, Kampung Buah Pala etc.

Until today, there is no prosecution and conviction of any PR politicians by the federal agencies. Please point out if I have omitted any thing. In contrast, let us look at BN. We have issues like NFC scandal, Khir Toyo bungalow, Sidek Hasan’s daughter contract of solar energy, Jamaluddin Jarjis’s son air traffic deal, commercialization of AES, RM400 mil claim of matrimonial assets in the divorce case of Taib Mahmud’s son, PKFZ etc.

Not to mention huge GLC losses such as MAS, Sime Darby and MISC. These are only for the past 4 years. What about for the past 55 years like Bank Bumi scandal, Perwaja, BNM forex loss, Bakun dam etc?Both sides have their own issues on corruption, governance and integrity. It is impossible to have a 100% clean government. Not even Singapore or De nmark can achieve that. But as a voter, we can choose the lesser of two evils.
Umno has 3+ million members. And let’s assume that 70 % of the UMNO electorate will vote BN. Pakatan noisemakers act as if these millions of ordinary Malaysians who support the incumbents condone corruption, i.e. in addition to voters being “dumno” and “bumno” (i.e. the Dapster belief that Pakatan supporters are smart, BN supporter are stupid and freeloaders), the Dapsters are also saying that BN voters are “scumno” (i.e. the Dapster belief that Pakatan supporters are righteous, BN supporterS are morally decayed). We must not forget that BN lost its super majority in GE12 through the backlash from within too. Selangor would not have fallen if Malays as well as Umno members had not rejected Khir Toyo and the 4th floor boys. This shows that BN supporters are willing to act against those deemed to be corrupt.Turn the tables. Do you foresee that Dapsters are willing to admit their idols have feet of clay?

 Pakatan followers loudly proclaim their DAP pollies are saints (although they’re quite willing to believe the PKR partners are tainted). BN supporters do not think BN pollies are angels but it’s that they fear Pakatan is the two-horned creature masquerading under a halo.

(4) I have a theory that DAP is more efficient than Umno. Hence with this trait of efficiency, they would be more efficient in covering up their trail of corruption.

Within slightly over a month in office, Nga was already embroiled in Tailorgate albeit the amount sum is small. And the DAP internal mechanism, the displinary committee, refuses to acknowledge any impropriety.Similarly, the RCI on TBH found that the Selangor DAP Adun office (TBH’s) was doing Ali Baba with the contracts (similarly in small change amounts).The two instances cited did not involve big sums of money. That’s only because the opportunity had not yet arisen for big money. However there’s since been the expose on the Kelantan logging land given the Perak DAP taikors.

Point (b) about efficiency. DAP has been successful in whipping Dapsters into perpetual hysteria. Such efficiency in brainwashing!

I’ll grant that Umno is playing the Race and Religion card too. But so far, they’ve not reached the DAP level where their supporters behave like Red Guards.

If Umno were as hell-bent on indoctrinating the masses as the DAP is, we will have had Jakarta riots by now. But there has not been anytime the past four decades.

Remember that Umno is in possession of many levers of propaganda. Compare Pakatan now in possession of some levers of propaganda. There was that infamy of 50 photos of the LGE family in 28 pages of Buletin Mutiara.Selangor Times is an out-and-out Pakatan propaganda rag sheet and much, much worse than Utusan. With DAP in merely two states, we get this. If Pakatan sits in Putrajaya, we’d be living in HELL .

 I’m skeptical of both sides. I believe the readers will similarly have their eyes open to the shortcomings of Umno-BN. On the other hand, we believe that Dapsters are wilfully closing an eye to the DAP shenanigans and bear in mind the party has only been in power 5 years compared to BN’s 58 years (taking the federal election of 1955 as base year).

When we weigh which side we consider to be the lesser of the two evils, we’re observing the present behaviour of the Pakatan leaders and their hardcore followers.

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